A brief glimpse into the career of an up and coming young actor, fighting her way up in the film industry. In this monologue, she performs as "herself" with satire and self-mockery, bringing light to the hassle young creatives go through in this business. 

This self-produced piece strives to fuel with "DIY vision" every young talent out there struggling to break into this 'tough tough' world. 



This film has been created by actress Clara Griffiths and Macari de Golferichs, the writer and director. We had friends and family involved and it wouldn't had happen without the support of our loved ones. Big thanks to everyone involved. Hope you enjoy it.



"Adults" dirigit per Albert i Pau Sansabrià Pac - ESCAC 

"Tres Elefantes" dirijido por Anna Llargués - ESCAC 

Hay proyectos que a veces no salen a la luz, pero todo nos sirve de experiencia. Aquí unas imágenes de lo que iba a ser el piloto de una serie:
Sometimes projects you've worked in don't come out, but every experience counts and makes you grow as an actor. This was supposed to be the pilot for a Tv Serie: